Client Testimonials

“I came to Coe Dynamics on a Living Social or Groupon back in the Spring of 2014. I’ve suffered from debilitating lower back pain for over 5 years which has caused me to try countless chiro clinics, energy healers, intuitives, online workout fads, cross fit and more. While I believe that my intuitive healers helped me to release old energy, it wasn’t until I started pilates with Tracy Coe that I was able to be fully healed. Within 2 months of once a week visits I was pain free and found I had more energy, better range of motion and was confident again with my movements. Thank you Tracy for getting me my life back again. I feel 10-15 years younger!.”

– John Schwartz

Dottie Vaughan Coe Dynaics Satisfied Customer

“After right hip replacement, I began taking Pilates in January 2014. I’m thrilled to report my strength and flexibility has greatly improved. In the beginning I couldn’t complete any of the hip exercises involving my right hip. Now I can thanks to my classes at Coe-Dynamics.”

– Dottie V

“I first contacted Tracy Coe to get help for a host of physical issues that plagued me for years, such as muscle cramps, panic attacks, candidacies, and digestive issues.

Through specific testing, Tracy pinpointed the exact nutrients my body needed and created a customized, targeted program designed to bring my body into full healing. In addition, she provided valuable nutritional information, such as which foods to eat (and not eat), proper hydration, and healthy recipes.

Fast forward several months later and I’m like a new person. My candidacy has cleared up, I no longer have panic attacks, my diet is super-charged, and I feel balanced and energetic most of the time. Better yet, I was able to stop taking a medication I’d been on for 10 years and figured I’d be on for the rest of my life.

One of the best parts of working with Tracy (besides feeling awesome) is Tracy herself. I have found Tracy Coe to be highly organized, professional, gracious, and good-humored. I am continuously impressed by her integrity and genuine caring. She remembers details about my treatment, returns calls, and makes time to answer my questions despite a very busy schedule.

I would highly recommend Tracy Coe to anyone looking to optimize their health through a holistic, comprehensive program of healing that works with the body, not against it.”

– Shannon H.

“Tracy is outstanding and very knowledgeable on the human body & Organic foods/products. When I consulted her I was ready to go to the E/R regarding pain in my stomach, low energy, and depression. She brought her test kit to me and recommended some digestive aid products which have helped me tremendously. I was able to ask her about my current diet & nutrition. She gave me a chart to follow on the products she recommended along with some good juicing recipes and helpful tips for my future diet. I did not need to go to the E/R and I’m now working out every day and eating all organic. I can call Tracey or e-mail any time and she is more than happy to help me, she has really opened my eyes as to what I should and shouldn’t be putting in my body. I was also able to order a fantastic bottled water from her that gives me energy and has changed my daily well being.”

– Sheri L. (Royal Oak, MI)

“I first looked into pilates after I had hurt my back and was told by the MD that I needed to strengthen my core. I have not had any severe back pain since then (three years ago)!

I am not a gym person so I really like the small personalized nature of Coe Dynamics. I like how they started off with thorough getting to know you sessions that really allow Tracy to see what you can do, and what you need. I usually do the mat classes because they fit better with my budget and the exercises can be more easily replicated at home. For over a year now I have been going at a set time and there are three to five people in the class so everything can be individualized as needed. Tracy is able to watch, assist, and give advice to each person in the group.

I definitely recommend Coe-Dynamics for both its friendly atmosphere and the fact that I am so much stronger and more flexible.”

– Ellen O. (Hawthorne)

The rating should be the max # of stars and – here goes:
“A couple years ago, I discovered Tracy and the amazing team at Coe-Dynamics. This has changed my life!! After several injuries and the wear-and-tear of “over 50”, I was not as strong as I’d always been. Several unresolved issues from injuries were creating secondary problems. All was going in the wrong direction!! I was “breaking”! Thanks to Tracy, I am now able to live my life and pursue my passions as I want to – not just as I am restricted to. My love is to ride horses competitively. I recently decided to increase both the riding and the style of riding since I have been repaired by Tracy. I competed at Arabian Nationals last year and was thrilled with the strength and endurance I had to compete with my horses.

Tracy is a master of physiology. She understands discreet body movements, interconnections, and with a minute change can create a body-awareness for her clients that is life changing!! Thank you Tracy for all your expertise, peacefulness, encouragement, and just plain ol’ repair of my body!! I look forward to continuing with you and your dedicated staff for a long time!! I strongly recommend others who are over 50 —> do not settle for the fitness you have after years of miles and activity!! With Tracy’s guidance you can enjoy many more years of the activities you love! And feel better than ever! CALL Coe-Dynamics!!”

– Leslie M. (Manhattan Beach)

“Tracy is a Great Listener! (this is hard to find!), very knowledgeable, works with top quality supplement products, and offers educational workshops.
I had been battling fatigue issues for years. I had several one-on-one consultations with Tracy at which time included a Kinesiology test called Quantum Reflex Analysis. With the use of this testing along with reviewing my diet plan in detail, I finally understand what a big part of the problem was and was even able to eliminate the use of pharmaceuticals- thanks to Tracy!
Tracy addressed so many areas that doctors didn’t, especially with diet.
Strong, caring, compassionate type A person; she will get you in the right direction for optimal health and well being.
Great staff overall at CoeDynamics. You will love them all.
Thank you Tracy!”

– Kelly J. (Redondo Beach)

“Tracy teaches a holistic approach to nutrition, wellness and exercise. Her nutrition and wellness workshops are very informative, she thoroughly explains issues and solutions which are easy to incorporate into a new healthy lifestyle, and I’m now more aware of today’s challenges of health and wellness despite environmental toxins that surround us daily. Her tips on hydration are excellent and I’ve noticed a difference with drinking her recommended spring water. Since attending her classes & workshops, I’ve managed to lose the sugar cravings, slim down, sleep better, and have more energy.”

– Michelle S. (South Bay)

Tracy’s wealth of knowledge, devotion to health, and commitment to her clients is inspired from her personal experience. Tracy, “walks her talk” the amazing results she has had with her clients reflect her personal, heartfelt integrity that I have now personally experienced.

I have been involved in the alternative health field for over 16 years and have tried numerous systems, supplementation programs, and cleanses. Tracy’s customized program and approach has been instrumental in helping me restore and maintain true balance and holistic health after a series of unfortunate events. Just within 1 month of following the detailed program Tracy laid out for me utilizing QRATM testing, I have already seen a significant difference in my stomach health and energy with altering my eating habits along with some of the most effective products (Premier Research Labs) that I have ever used. It has made a huge difference.

I highly recommend her services to anyone who is interested in and committed to creating, restoring, and maintaining a level of health that most people only dream about. I will continue to send my clients, friends and family for her services and consult with her on many aspects of Holistic treatment…

Thank you, Tracy. I deeply appreciate your talent, commitment, and nurturing support.


“I have taken Pilates for years at a time at other studios throughout Los Angeles, but my experience with Body & Mind Coe-Dynamics is by far the best I’ve ever had—the instruction methodology at this Pilates studio is absolutely unrivalled! Hands down, it’s the best Pilates instruction I’ve ever received—the knowledge I’ve gained about the mind/body connection is priceless and has changed all of my activity, from day-to-day errands and walking around to my training and workouts. In addition, it’s helped my physical performance as a dancer tremendously. I’ve had sessions with Kelly and Tracy, and they are both amazing! I truly believe in the rehabilitative power of Pilates now—just last week, I came to my session with a headache, which I mentioned to my instructor. By the end of my session, I’d completely forgotten about the headache—because it was gone! I can’t say enough great things about Body & Mind Coe-Dynamics.”

“We have been clients at Body & Mind Coe Dynamics in Manhattan Beach, CA since early 2008; although experienced in other forms of fitness training, we are new to Pilates. Owner Tracy Coe has been our instructor – her background & qualifications are quite impressive. Tracy has an incredible knack for being able to demonstrate proper Pilates technique which allows us to get maximum benefit from our classes. Her personality shines through in her teaching style – we truly look forward to our weekly Pilates class. Our health, fitness and overall well being have certainly improved as a result of our training with Tracy at Body & Mind Coe Dynamics”

“As husband and wife living in Beach Cities of CA, we can’t think of a better way to de-stress from our workweek and re-energize for the weekend then with Pilates! We have both seen vast improvements in our strength, flexibility, balance and posture since starting Pilates with Tracy just over a year ago at Body & Mind Coe-Dynamics in Manhattan Beach. We encourage all couples of any age to give Pilates a try. It’s a healthy and fun way to spend time with the one you love!”

“I am so happy to have found Tracy Coe at Body & Mind Coe-Dynamics and discovered the wonderful benefits Pilates delivers. I started with twice a week sessions almost a year ago and have never felt as strong and fit as I do now. I love the mind-body aspect and how the various exercises focus on different muscle groups to enhance balance and grace. I’ve seen a great improvement in the way my body looks, but more importantly how it feels after a run, working in the garden, etc. It’s amazing how these enjoyable sessions can result in added strength, improved muscle tone, and flexibility without a lot of sweating and aches. Tracy and her teachers provide lots of personal attention giving the studio a warm and friendly atmosphere. “

“Tracy is a virtual one-stop-shop for so many aspects of wellness: Pilates for physical therapy, top-notch whole-food supplements, Quantum Reflex Analysis muscle testing, and more…
I especially love attending her nutritional workshops where she packs an incredible amount of well researched and useable information into a brief couple hours.”
Come see for yourself!
– Karen K

“We all enjoy the sweeter things in life. However, when it’s an artificial ingredient like Aspertame, run the other way. After conducting a nine-day cleanse, I found myself thirsting for something sweet. My inclination was to grab a diet drink which contained Aspertame. Within seconds I felt light-headed and a bit dizzy. This was the direct result of the Aspertame. When it comes to sweetening your life, there are more natural and healthier alternatives.”
– Dean

“I attended Coe-Dynamics New Year Weight Loss & Gentle Detox workshop, I learned new knowledge about food health and overall nutrition for daily application. The workshop also reaffirmed some information that I have learned previously, so it was to helpful to hear again and put it into practice through Tracy’s weight loss & detox program. This program met my goals and expectations and gave me tools that can be used indefinitely. It was also helpful during the program that when I had questions I received timely and clear answers. ”
– Somer

“I’ve been doing Pilates for over 3 years at Body and Mind Coe-Dynamics Inc. When I became pregnant, Pilates was the only physical activity I felt comfortable doing throughout my pregnancy. I truly feel training with Tracy and her team helped me maintain and improve my strength, flexibility & posture throughout my pregnancy and helped me have a smooth delivery of a 10 1/2 lb. baby! Tracy and her team have also been instrumental in getting me back into shape post-baby. I highly recommend them to any moms and moms-to-be! “

“I started Pilates in the beginning of 7th grade and contine to love it! A few years ago I injured my back on an inflatable slide-bouncer. I struggled with lots of pain until I joined Pilates. Through Pilates and the Pilates Teachers at Body & Mind Coe-Dynamics, Inc., I’ve learned skills that enable me to strengthen my core. Since I’ve learned to do this, the pain in my back has almost completely vanished. As I approach my freshman year of High School, I have no doubt in my mind that I will continue with Pilates and I can’t wait to see what else it has in store for me. Thank you Body & Mind Coe-Dynamics! “

“I was very fortunate to train with Tracy this year at her Pilates studio, Body & Mind Coe-Dynamics, Inc. Being a Pro Beach Volleyball Player for 14 years my body was starting to break down and I had some nagging injuries. Tracy helped me stay injury free and improved my flexability. I was able to play at the highest level again and that felt awesome. I have no doubt that my success on tour this past summer had a lot to do with my Pilates training at the studio with Tracy. I am thankful and encourage other players and friends to go and get healthy and learn Pilates.”

“As a former professional Ballet dancer, I started doing Pilates in NYC at the Joseph Pilates Center. At that time Pilates was a series of underground therapeutic exercises to strengthen dancers, gymnasts, and skaters after an illness or injury. Tracy Coe is the closest to that original work and is the best at working one to their maximum top shape. Tracy and the Pilates teachers at Body & Mind Coe-Dynamics, Inc. are professional and knowledgeable. With the popularity of Pilates it is imperative that one work with a highly qualified teacher like Tracy for the best results.”

“I started taking Pilates after sustaining back injury and found that it has been the one discipline that was instrumental in helping my body rehabilitate. Pilates has increased my flexibility helped in posture and balance. I also weight train for strength and as a side benefit, Pilates has improved my performance in the gym by strengthening the core muscles that are so essential in not only weight lifting, but in movements that we perform everyday. After taking a year of Pilates as opposed to 15 years of weight training, when I’m lifting heavy objects at home or at work I feel my core muscles being utilized to better stabilize the body. I find that Tracy Coe is my idea of a great trainer. Tracy is detail orientated, strict, conscientious, and knows how to make it a challenge without making you feel defeated. I consider myself to have muscles that are better balanced.”

“In the Beach Cites area I have been taking Pilates classes with Tracy Coe for over six years at her studio, Body & Mind Coe-Dynamics, Inc. in Manhattan Beach. Besides improving my strength flexibility and balance, Pilates has been most beneficial as a Pre-natal exercise during my two pregnancies with my daughters, Kelsea and Lorelei. With both pregnancies, I was able to continue Pilates up to the week I gave birth. With my second daughter, I was already 7 days past my expected delivery date when I came in for my final Pilates for pregnancy session with Tracy. I felt like a whole different person after I left Body & Mind Coe-Dynamics, Inc. Studio that day; my body felt balanced and relaxed. Three hours later, I started to have mild contractions and 36 hours later Lorelei was born! Both my deliveries were fast and easy and I owe it to the strong stomach and pelvic floor muscles I had gained from taking Pre-Natal Pilates. I had no complications or discomfort during my pregnancies, and I believe that is largely due to Pilates. Post-natal Pilates has also been a tremendous help getting back into shape (and into my jeans) after both births. If you are trying to decide what exercise regiment to practice during your pregnancy and are nearby the Beach Cities area of Manhattan Beach, I would highly recommend Pre-natal Pilates with Body & Mind Coe-Dynamics Inc. Pilates has given me two wonderful pregnancies that ended with these two beautiful girls!”

“As a husband and wife duo, we take advantage of Body & Mind Coe-Dynamics, Family Pilates Package. With this we get to spend time with one another and motivate our healthy life styles. Quila: I started Pilates with Tracy Coe to re-build my upper body strength after breaking my arm. What I got was the best shape of my life, and i’m in my 60’s! Tracy and the teachers at Body & Mind Coe-Dynamics, are all professional, well-trained, personable and totally dedicated to their students. I look forward to going to my sessions and could never imagine going without Pilates with Tracy and her staff. Rick: ” Tremendous” is the best word to describe what Pilates means to me. Combined with running 3 times a week and some mat and ring work, Pilates has increased my fitness and core-strength, well, tremendously! We are fortunate to have the personal excellent instruction of Tracy and the teachers at Body & Mind Coe-Dynamics, Inc. “

“Our family enjoys our trips to Mammoth every year for skiing. I have never been a fan of exercise however, after suffering an ACL injury in 2007 I realized that I had to find a way to strengthen my knee to be able to continue my tennis and skiing with my family. I attended traditional physical therapy for a little while, but still did not feel strong or confident enough with my knee to hit the slopes to be back on the slopes for 2007 ski season. A friend recommended that I call Tracy Coe at Body & Mind Coe-Dynamics, Inc. – Pilates Studio. Pilates has worked wonders for my knee, increased my overall body strength, flexibility, and toned my abdominal muscles. Staying consistent with my Pilates sessions, within a short period of time I was back on the slopes with my family before the 2007 ski season was over! By spring 2008, I was also back on the tennis courts. I’m now in my third year of Pilates, I’m able to ski and play tennis again without using a knee brace and it has motivated me to take 30 minutes walk/jog three times a week. It’s also worth while to mention, (and I’m sure you mothers can relate) that being a mother of 3 doesn’t give you much time to yourself, but I’m amazed how good I still feel and the toning/flexibility benefits I still receive with just a 30 Minute Pilates session a week. Thank you, I highly recommend Pilates and Body & Mind Coe-Dynamics, Inc! Linda K. “

“I had always been athletic, competing in numerous sports in high school and college. After college, I had the opportunity to coach softball and soccer for many years. Then as my children got older and my work schedule became more demanding my focus became less on keeping fit and more on professional responsibilities. I also had the challenge of scoliosis that caused back pain sometimes to the point of literally not being able to move. Fortunately, my daughter gave me a gift certificate to Body and Mind Coe-Dynamics Studio. I have been hooked ever since. Regular Pilates has increased my strength, eliminated back pain and improved my posture. It has also brought lifestyle balance that I had not had for many years. The instructors at Coe-Dynamics support and challenge their clients. They are professional and personable. Attending sessions is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I recommend that everyone participate in Pilates regardless of their age or ability. “