CoeDynamics: 6 Foundational Principles of Pilates For Your Health: Vacation Travel Companions In the Community: Salute the Troops! CoeDynamics:  6 Foundational Principles of Pilates In case you missed it, on May 20th Tracy Coe re-appeared as a guest on the Southbay By Jackie Show.  Jackie and Joe took the time to learn the principles of Pilates. Yes… Read More

Revitalize your lifestyle to brings balance, restoration and rejuvenation to your hormone system (no matter your age, gender, lifestyle, or condition).   Part I identified how our systems, glands, organs are intimately linked to the endocrine system and how an imbalance of one gland could create a domino effect to the body. Part II explained how… Read More

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Did you know the use of any natural, synthetic, or bio-identical hormones could have a long term damaging effect on your body and health? While Part I listed elements that can cause your hormones to go out of whack and create symptoms such as severe PMS/menopause, depression, chronic fatigue, weight gain and etc. Today’s section… Read More

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How would you like to reduce/eliminate hot flashes, mood swings, severe PMS, food cravings, migraines, irregular menstrual cycles, painful menstrual cycles, depression, accelerated aging, risk of cancer and improve libido, weight loss, energy, long term health without adding toxins but rather remove toxins from your body?  Honestly, who would not want to?  Well, this blog… Read More

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