Initial Wellness & Nutrition Consultation

Initial Wellness & Nutrition Consultation

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Why Partner with Tracy, a Practitioner in Wellness & Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA)*?

  • For preventative care that will keep you and your family enjoying life to its fullest for many years to come!
  • There is a lot of health information out there (online, in magazines, and from the medical industry) but deciphering if it applies to you and the validity of the research can be a guessing game. We are all unique individuals therefore we should follow health information that pertains to our specific needs and situations.
  • As an example pertaining to validity, is an article I recently read that we should use olive oil to cook with, yikes! Olive oil is not designed to sustain heat. When it’s heated past its labile point it turns into free radicals (free radicals are a very common denominator in cancer and many other “dis-eases”).

*QRA is an effective non-invasive cutting edge kinesiology testing technique that communicates with the neurological system of the body and mind to decipher deficiencies and specific needs of the individual to custom tailor wellness programs for your body’s best innate structure and function. To learn more, click here

Benefits of your consultations:

  • You are not clumped in a group with “symptoms” instead; your unique individual needs and situations are used to create a customized program
  • You are educated with resourced and researched health information relevant to your needs.
  • You are educated on foods and nutritional sources so you can understand what is nutritious and nourishing or toxic and ineffective; and therefore support your wellness goals.
  • Over the longer term you will save money because all products will be specific to your needs instead of spending on excess products that may be unsuitable for your body toxic or ineffective.

Clients benefit partnering with a QRA Wellness Practitioner when they experience any of the below:

*A variety of health challenges, imbalances, and “dis-ease” such as:
• chronic joint pains/injury
• all forms of “itis’s” (rheumatoid, sinusitis, diverticulitis)
• neurological impairment (Alzheimer’s Lou Gehrig, MS)
• heart disorders (HBP, High cholesterol)
• need to improve athletic stamina
• chronic headaches
• non restful sleep (insomnia, chronic fatigue)
• weight imbalances
• cancer
• digestive disorders (IBS, heartburn, constipation, Crohn’s, Allergies)
• low energy
• impaired vision
• hormone imbalances (premenstrual, post-menstrual, menopause, low libido)
• anxiety, stress / inability to “deal” with life
• no one else can find what is wrong

The desire to Live a life with energy all day, optimism, restful sleep, maintain healthy weight, athletic stamina – a life of Vitality!
Request your appointment today or call 310 798 7600.

What to expect out of your initial Wellness Consultation

  • Completing a Q&A in-take form (issued via email) that inquires of: medical history, surgeries, dental history, goals, diet, sleep, elimination, emotional energy, hormone levels, and body type questionnaire and etc.

    This form begins the investigation of learning root causes to your symptoms and discovering how your current path of health can be enhanced.

  • Education, the better the mind is informed the more willing the body is to comply.

    Examples of education: hydration, how to eat for your body type, new ways to prepare food for the family

  • QRA testing for functionality of the body’s foundation organs and systems (kidneys, pH, and digestion).

    This practice is essential to finding and confirming root causes driving your symptoms. As roots are discovered they can be eliminated which brings your body back to homeostasis and naturally dissolve your symptoms.
    *Just like an onion has many layers, there can be layers of causes driving your symptoms. Programs are directed toward clearing the root(s) as well as look at providing immediate symptomatic relief without side effects.

Following your consultation:

  • Clients receive an email outlining the specific program discussed and discovered during your session. This will include diet adjustments, precise nutritional products and quantities that you tested for to achieve your goals, resources (if requested), and follow-up programs.
  • The optimal goal of your program(s) is to get your body functioning at its optimal level and to be sustained there with foundation nutrients.

“Everyone has a doctor in him or her; we just have to help it in its work. The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well. Our food should be our medicine. Our medicine should be our food.”
~ Hippocrates, M.D. -Father of Western Medicine

An initial consultation is 90 – 120 minutes. Rates are $85/hr and are broken into ½ hour increments.
To request your appointment today or inquire further, click here or call 310 798 7600.

Follow-Up Consultations:

  • Using the above tactics, will re-assess the body/minds response to its current program, progress to the next steps of the program, and/or adjust the program to more effectively accommodate the schedule and characteristics of the individual.

Sessions may run 30 – 90 minutes. Rates are $90/hr and are broken into ½ hour increments.

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