*Do you know that what you put on your skin, hair and nails not only affects your outsides, but because it goes straight into the body, it effects your insides too?  According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG): -The average US woman uses 12 personal care products a day, containing 168 different chemicals. (Women… Read More

Why is CoeDynamics offering MFRT classes? Is it different than Pilates? How could I personally benefit from the class? How is this a self-therapeutic tool that can provide immediate and long-lasting relief from pain, discomfort, chronic aches, chronic tightness, and even stimulate healing? Is it expensive? I’ll answer the last question here. One main reason in offering the MFRT… Read More

You don't want to leave home without them For me, being on vacation means no time constraints or regular agendas. So I quite enjoy taking even just 2 days in the week of my vacation and exercise without time constraints. On a few of the other days I don’t want to get a full work-out… Read More

Vacation Travel Companions You don’t want to leave home without them As the summer approaches, the excitement of traveling rounds the corner. To help your prevent getting sick during or returning from your travels below lists a few prevention tips and easy to travel with travel compansions. It also lists a few easy to travel… Read More

Revitalize your lifestyle to brings balance, restoration and rejuvenation to your hormone system (no matter your age, gender, lifestyle, or condition).   Part I identified how our systems, glands, organs are intimately linked to the endocrine system and how an imbalance of one gland could create a domino effect to the body. Part II explained how… Read More

Did you know the use of any natural, synthetic, or bio-identical hormones could have a long term damaging effect on your body and health? While Part I listed elements that can cause your hormones to go out of whack and create symptoms such as severe PMS/menopause, depression, chronic fatigue, weight gain and etc. Today’s section… Read More

How would you like to reduce/eliminate hot flashes, mood swings, severe PMS, food cravings, migraines, irregular menstrual cycles, painful menstrual cycles, depression, accelerated aging, risk of cancer and improve libido, weight loss, energy, long term health without adding toxins but rather remove toxins from your body?  Honestly, who would not want to?  Well, this blog… Read More

Boost the Nutrition of Your Food (part VII) Traditional Kitchen Tip to Boost Your Nutrition!  The old adage still holds today “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” – Benjamin Franklin One of the most basic ways one can practice prevention is within the foods you buy and how you prepare them.… Read More

Traditional Kitchen Tips to Boost the Nutrition of Your Food Just in time to share with you one of my favorite Thanksgiving recipes. Now that you’ve taken the efforts to buy nutritious foods with buying tips provided in Part I, Part II, Part III, and Part IV  the last thing you want to do is destroy the nutrients… Read More

Boost Your Foods Nutrition (part V) Modern Day De-Nourishing vs. Traditional Nutritional Boosting Kitchen Techniques This series has covered how you can dramatically boost the nutrition of the foods you and your family are eating by your choices including:   How Food is Grown (soils) How Food is Raised (CAFO) Eating Seasonally and Eliminating GMO… Read More