Get your Omegas 3,6,7,9 & Vitamin A & D in just a ½ tsp! Omegas fats are a vital part of your daily diet. Here are just a few examples why: 1. Necessary for hormone production and function 2. Is food for brain, nerve, and heart function a. fat comprises 60% of the brain b.… Read More

Bring Earth Energies Back Into Your Life (Vastu) My last blog educated on the health impact of cell phone radiation. That is just a subtopic of a main subject, BioEnergestics (study of energy). Vastu also a subtopic of BioEnergetics both of which will be discussed in this blog to educate you how to use the positive energies of Mother Nature around your home and work… Read More

Cell phones are a very fun and convenient  tool.  Unfortunately, the current trade off can be quite damaging to you and your families health. Lets lay the groundwork to get the bigger picture of why. The Fields * Everything,(including us) is considered a field of energy, molecules, and electrochemical structure. The field is sometimes referred… Read More

Happy Halloween and Happy Fall comes with the on-set of virus cold and flu season.   What makes it the cold season? There are several causes to this season here are a few.  – People spend more time indoors and closer to each other during the winter. – Children are in school and sharing germs with many… Read More

You don’t want to leave home without them   Have you ever been on vacation and shortly after you return, you or a family member come down with a cold or infection of some sort?  I don’t know about you, but to me that is the pits!  So I’d like to pass on to you a few very… Read More

That the Lipitor is the #1 cholesterol drug in the world with over $9 Billion sales in 2012 alone? But did you also know…. * people in the U.S. are now sicker and more depressed than ever… and heart disease is on the top of the list! * Myth: there’s good cholesterol HDL, then there’s bad… Read More

So much has been written about avoiding the sun, with the main concern being skin cancer. When, in fact daily sunlight is essential to a healthy life. The below information explains the Sun, a natural and FREE health promoter.  With all things being in moderation, this Newsletter will also gives tips on how to protect… Read More

Salt is an essential nutrient for the body and mind.  Essential Nutrient = is a nutrient that is critically required for the body and cannot be synthesized in the body from scratch and therefore must be obtained from a dietary source.  What does the body use salt for? – Regulates blood pressure and heart rhythm… Read More

In 1999 JANA winter edition reported from their study that 97.5% of the randomly selected market sold supplements tested to be ineffective, toxic, or both!  Meaning 2 out of 100 products where actually worth spending money on (that’s like finding a needle in a hay stack)!  This includes your Protein Powder(s) too. Go into any… Read More

(Your foundations to Whole Health & Wellness) As a recap from  BMCD Wellness Workshop in January “New Year – Detox & Weight Management, having sufficient minerals, a balanced pH, and having a properly functioning digestive system are your  foundations to Whole Health & Wellness (and a natural by-product of this is Weight Loss/Management. This tip focuses upon minerals.… Read More