In This Newsletter: For Your Health: How Can I Benefit from Myofascial Release & Tone (MFRT) Classes? CoeDynamics: We Want YOUR Input! In the Community: Back Pack Drive – Free Pilates Class/Member Discount* For Your Health: How Can I Benefit from Myofascial Release & Tone (MFRT) Classes? Why is CoeDynamics offering MFRT classes? Is it different than… Read More

In This Newsletter: For Your Health: Expanded Class Services with Myofascial Release & Tone (MFRT) CoeDynamics: New Morning Circuit Class: Reformer, Jump Board & TRX In the Community: Annual 'Adopt a Child for the Day' In the Community: Bowie Needs a Forever Home! For Your Health: Expanded Class Services with Myofascial Release & Tone (MFRT)… Read More

The previous blogs covered 3 of 6 necessary ingredients needed to have a balanced and healthy digestive system: daily elimination, balanced pH & minerals, enzymes.  In the upcoming blog the 4th ingredient, Hydrochloric Acid (HCL), will be discussed including the necessity for your stomach to be an ACIDIC environment and how this is the body’s 1st natural defense… Read More

Happy 2015! Let’s go beyond the annual “resolution” and make a lifestyle change!  Just a quick recap or if you need to catch up with us. Part I explained briefly of how the digestive system is suppose to function, essential ingredients for the digestive system to function optimally, signs of an impaired digestive system, and how no… Read More

As promised below are some of my favorite enjoyed holiday recipes. They are so good, people don’t even realize they are good for you too! Make sure to use foods that have not been chemically insulted for most of us that means “organic”. Another source of non-chemical filled foods are your local famers at the… Read More

•“If you die before the age of 85 from anything other than a severe injury, it is the result of bad digestion”    –Dr. Bernard Jensen • “All disease begins in the gut.” – Hippocrates • 80% of the body’s immune system functions within the intestinal tract You may have an idea of where I might be… Read More

Get your Omegas 3,6,7,9 & Vitamin A & D in just a ½ tsp! Omegas fats are a vital part of your daily diet. Here are just a few examples why: 1. Necessary for hormone production and function 2. Is food for brain, nerve, and heart function a. fat comprises 60% of the brain b.… Read More

Bring Earth Energies Back Into Your Life (Vastu) My last blog educated on the health impact of cell phone radiation. That is just a subtopic of a main subject, BioEnergestics (study of energy). Vastu also a subtopic of BioEnergetics both of which will be discussed in this blog to educate you how to use the positive energies of Mother Nature around your home and work… Read More

Cell phones are a very fun and convenient  tool.  Unfortunately, the current trade off can be quite damaging to you and your families health. Lets lay the groundwork to get the bigger picture of why. The Fields * Everything,(including us) is considered a field of energy, molecules, and electrochemical structure. The field is sometimes referred… Read More

Happy Halloween and Happy Fall comes with the on-set of virus cold and flu season.   What makes it the cold season? There are several causes to this season here are a few.  – People spend more time indoors and closer to each other during the winter. – Children are in school and sharing germs with many… Read More