BMCD would like to announce our open forum for those that have questions about the “Real Food-Weight Control-Detox Program”.  We will keep you posted on any updated information and answer questions you have about nutrition and health. All you need to do is log into, comment onto “Real Food & Digestive Health Q&A” and… Read More

BMCD Real Food-Weight Control-Detox Seminar has been an eye opener for those of us that have already attended.  There was lots of talk about what’s good for you and what’s not especially when it came to milk, salt, yogurt, and water.  Some of the most basic ingredients that are in our breakfast, lunch, and dinner.… Read More

Did you know that if a child swallows a pea-size amount of toothpaste, recommended, on the tube FDA says to call poison control?  This is the same amount of fluoride in one 8 oz. glass of fluoridated water. There is currently petitions to ban fluoridation.  You can print out flyers at to help people… Read More

What a great night Friday the 13th turned out to be!  We had @  a dozen ladies join us at the studio for a early evening of informative  information about foods, cravings, mineral, fats, enzymes, acids, digestive system (with Tracy’s artistic skills), our 2 Brains, and some tasty treats that all of us enjoyed and will… Read More

If you haven’t signed up there are still some spots open to register for the seminar tomorrow!   What to expect: Information to get you started with the 4 week program! This safe effective program… *is not a crash diet but a nutritional way of life that encourages weight    loss/control *is based on REAL… Read More

Even though you may not be into raw food or the vegan type you maybe interested in the movie “The Raw Natural”. World class athletes like gold medalist, Evan Strong, discover the untapped potential from maintaining an all-star unprocessed, chemical-free, whole food diet! Check it out and learn more at NOW ON DVD!… Read More

So its that new year and you have that thought that you want to get fit!  Have you thought about how you like to do this? or where you’d like to go?  Pilates is a fantastic way to get your engine running the right way as it focuses on toning, flexibility, and posture all in… Read More

A New Year for new beginnings!  Wow after 8 years of being in business, (thank you to all of you for making that happen), it was time to make some changes for our clients to enjoy at Body & Mind Coe-Dynamics, Inc. *BMCD Pilates equipment class sizes has expanded and so has the studio. What… Read More