Living a balanced life is very liberating and can greatly increase the ease and effectiveness in 5 key areas of life: Physical, Spiritual, Psychological, Financial, and Relationships. Your physical health is the foundation of your life success. For this reason, our central Health Sphere is Physical Health, which looks at your habits around exercising, healthy… Read More

Nearly every client of our Pilates studio has shared their excitement over the increased body awareness they experience as they get deeper into their practice. Whether you’re a professional athlete, dancer, business mogul, new mom or are just looking to increase the benefits of your physical activity in general, Pilates classes provide one of the… Read More

Cereal Grasses are one of the most (if not the most) nutritious foods on this Earth (considered one of today’s Superfoods)?  Eating Green is not some form of voodoo or recent green movement in our culture (sorry to bust your bubble). This is actually Ancient Wisdom coming back to modern times.  Research came around in… Read More

Just like with our mat Pilates classes, our reformer workouts provide a wide range of awesome benefits. They help us boost flexibility and improve balance, while toning and strengthening our muscles, with specific focus on the all-important core. The reformer is one of the safest, most effective pieces of exercise equipment you’ll ever work with… Read More

If you’re a Pilates devotee, you know firsthand about the wide-ranging benefits of attending Pilates classes regularly. Many of our students are absolutely addicted to their reformer Pilates workouts and mat classes—therefore, a common question we receive is “How many classes should I take per week to see results?” or “Is it okay to practice… Read More

One of the many great things about Pilates is that it helps balance out the overuse and underuse of muscles to relieve daily aches and pains. When sitting at a desk for multiple hours at a time, the combined lack of movement and constant forward sitting position causes your head, neck, shoulders, upper, mid, low… Read More

Taking Pilates classes is an excellent way to improve your health and get in better shape. It’s an efficient workout that tones and leans out the body, while reducing stress and improving recovery from injuries. If you’re on the fence or just started taking Pilates classes, read on to learn more about the benefits of… Read More

Whenever a new student starts taking our Manhattan Beach Pilates classes, one of the first things they want to know is how long it will take to see results. We understand that when you work out, you want to see a change in your body, which is why we’re happy to share what we know… Read More

The World Health Organization (WHO) in 1946 defined “health” as a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” Here’s an even more descriptive picture of health: get to and maintain a healthy weight and muscle tone no more food cravings or mid-day energy crashes optimal digestion (not sluggish, not gassy, no… Read More

Happy Healthy Holiday Tips

Below are some holiday health tips to enjoy with your family and support all your committed work during this year, without missing out on all the holiday CHEER! Who knows, you may be that one person that inspires someone else to a happy and healthier lifestyle! MERRY CHRISTMAS and GREAT HEALTH & FITNESS into 2014!… Read More