If you’ve ever gone to a physical therapy facility, you may have seen a reformer, a Pilates circle or another type of Pilates equipment there. Or if you’re a regular at our Manhattan Beach Pilates classes or take private sessions, you may have noticed a client come in to rehabilitate an injury. Pilates isn’t just… Read More

Pilates – Physical body Imbalances can literally be a pain! One of the many wonderful attributes about Pilates is that it will find and correct imbalances of muscle joint use of the body. This can take place either before injury(s) set in (a preventative mechanism) or if it is after injury has set-in then Pilates… Read More

We’ve been conned for years about substituting real sugar for those little pink, blue, yellow packets of sugar.  You thought cutting out sugar in your coffee or drinking a diet soda was “watching your calories”, but tragically, the truth is this: artificial sweeteners such as Splenda and Splenda andNutrasweet are NOT healthy–or safe.   Just… Read More

 Do you eat?  Then this is a great FRESH movie to watch on food supply.  A paradigm shift from industrial production to farm FRESH the way nature attended for you to get your nutrients.  This movie is FREE to watch only through March 3, 2012.  The movie is one hour but worth the impressionate time… Read More

Since the 1990’s, we have repeatedly asked the FDA, the USDA, our legislators and the courts to label foods containing genetically modified organisms.  So far they haven’t. It’s time for the people of California to vote on labeling genetically engineered foods.  A 2012 Ballot initiative campaign is underway and can be found at our studio… Read More

In a time of Pilates in abundance studios, teachers, and a variety of clients it has definitely taken on many roles and there is a much broader array of exercises (classic, modified, and non-traditional Pilates) movements being implemented in one’s sessions today. Positive outcomes have reached any where from freeing one from aching low back,… Read More