Our daily activities and many of our athletic activities may involve trunk extension, lateral rotation, lateral flexion and balance, but how often are we truly focusing upon using the deep internal trunk muscles: Diaphragm (and other breathing muscles), Transverse Abs (deep abdominals), Multifidi (postural back muscles), Pelvic Floor (kegels) and muscles on the back side… Read More

In this at home Pilates class we teach you some rotation exercises to strengthen your core and help you connect with your mind and body awareness. For more Pilates classes or general nutrition and health information please visit www.coe-dynamics.com or stop by our Pilates Studio in Manhattan Beach, CA.… Read More

The contraction of muscles is not just about shortening a muscle to make it strong but to properly to support a every day and fitness activities extension muscles also need to be balanced in strength, not to mention how it works and looks great for posture, leaning and toning the whole body.  To practice these… Read More

Abdominal Mat Exercises for Pilates Classes

This 5 minute Pilates Class consists of 5 Abdominal exercises led by Tracy Coe, the instructor at Body & Mind Coe-Dynamics Pilate Studio, in Manhattan Beach, CA. When practiced consistently it is sure to give you the tone, definition and strength you are looking for! Abdominal Mat Exercises for Pilates Classes… Read More