• Stimulates a soothing release within the connective tissue of muscles, nervous system, fascia, ligaments, tendons
  • Stimulates sensory awareness to engage the intrinsic deep musculature of the core
    an excellent adjunct to any exercise regime, especially Pilates
  • Lengthens the spine, realigns and restores, full movement potential and enhanced posture with ease
  • Relieves chronic aches and pain of joints
  • Used as a hydrating technique for pain management (see below)
  • Increases the body/mind focus

Fascia Release via SmartSpine system appointments are available in 15 minute increments. To request your appointment for a Fascia Release via Smart Spine System or inquire further, click here or call 310 798 7600

What is a Fascia?

Fascia is a connective tissue known as the organ of form. It surrounds muscles, blood vessels, and covers the entire nervous system. Fascia binds structures together while permitting others to slide smoothly over each other. Fascia is designed to be flexible and able to resist unidirectional tension forces.

Fascia and pain

Fascia contracts in response to touch (tactile perception), stress (physical or emotional), emotions (positive and negative), hormone imbalances, lack of movement, and poor diet. Fascia also has a memory, via interceptors. It is through the interceptors where emotions are developed, processed, and stored. When the body endures any of the above in a constant negative state and/or experiences a single traumatic event, the fascia response is to stiffen, decrease intrinsic movement (which decreases fluid circulation), and hence becomes dehydrated. All of these responses, results in a body that is misaligned and becomes a primary trigger for signaling PAIN.

Dehydrated Fascia

Dehydrated connective tissue is a primary trigger involved in all forms of chronic joint pain (neck, shoulders, back, hips, knees, ankles, hands, feet, fingers, toes). When the body is dehydrated it does not have enough water to circulate and wash out build of acidity and toxic substances (even if you are drinking tons of water in your day). To reverse the fascia’s memory of stiff contracted holding patterns (aka RELIEVE PAIN) and bring back the normal design of flexible structures that supports and resist unidirectional tension forces, the fascia must become re-hydrated.

Rehydrated Fascia

CoeDynamics works with two dynamic elements to bring alignment, restoration, and hydration back to your fascia system (your organ of form) with the ultimate outcome of relieving pain without side effects.

Your Fascia Release Session via SmartSpine© System

  • It is the impression of touch components (heat, pressure, skin stretch/friction, texture, and vibration) that stimulates the fascia in either a negative or positive response. The Smart Spine© System works with 5 touch components to rehydrate, lubricate, and form a new memory of normalcy within the fascia system, which generates a positive response for the body, putting it at ease and relieving pain.
  • During your Fascia Release session, your teacher will guide you through intrinsic movements and effective alignment using the Smart Spine System. Your body’s interoceptors (sensory receptors) are activated by intrinsic movements, prompting your internal fluids to circulate and lubricate, the use of texture and heat from the Smart Spine System, and the gentle pressure applied by your teacher, providing energetic vibration and friction. This brings realignment to your body, a sense of fluidity and ease in movement. The session creates new memories for the fascia and releases the memory of stiffened holding patterns in the fascia system that generates pain.

Fascia Release via SmartSpine system appointments are available in 15 minute increments. To request your appointment for a Fascia Release via Smart Spine System or inquire further, click here or call 310 798 7600

A 2nd Component to Effective Hydration

In addition to turning on the internal hydration shower within your body, is the process of hydration with drinking water. Unfortunately most of today’s society is severely dehydrated as most of today’s drinking water does not guarantee that the cells of your body is being energized, nourished, and cleansed (aka hydrated). To obtain the most effective hydration of your Fascia system (as well as your overall body) and experience the full benefit of released Fascia, see Hydration testing and consultation in Wellness Services.