reformer Pilates workouts and Pilates reformer classesBelow are descriptions of our exciting array of Pilates workouts. Click here to sign up online.

Pilates Reformer Class

A Pilates Reformer workout will follow the principle of a Pilates practice and is offered to participants with a multilevel Pilates experience*. These classes may also include the use of the Pilates Combo Chair, Pilates Cadillac giving participants a multilevel Pilates experience.

*It is recommended to have at least 1 Pilates private or 3 mat classes prior to participating a Reformer class.


Int./Adv. Pilates Reformer Class

This course will advance and challenge your Pilates Reformer workout with an emphasis on precision, flow, and balance.* These classes may also include the use of the Pilates Combo Chair or Pilates Cadillac giving participants a multi-level Pilates experience.

*For a client to receive the best experience and safety, a minimum of 3 private Pilates sessions and/or prior approval from a BMCD Pilates Teacher is required to participate in these classes.

Senior Gentle Pilates Class
A gentle introduction to Pilates for those in their golden year. Develop your practice in a supportive environment using both Pilates equipment and floor work. Quoting Joseph Pilates at age 70, “Acquire control of your own body,” with Pilates exercises that promote increased flexibility and balance, while helping to support joints, hinder injuries, and strengthen the spine.

Pilates Mat Community Class
Mat work is the original practice of Pilates and will tone, improve posture, and support eliminating joint aches. Pilates Mat classes are taught with classical Pilates fundamentals and movements and is offered to participants with multilevel experience.

30-minute Pilates Jump Board Class
30 minute full body, fat burning Pilates workout using the Jump Board. Get your heart rate going and work on flexibility at the same time! Make it a back-to-back class and sign up for the 30 Minute Pilates Reformer class afterwards.

30-minute Pilates Reformer Class
30-minute reformer Pilates workouts designed to burn fat using a variety of Pilates equipment.

Note: In courtesy to other participants, a 24 hour notice is required to cancel or change any Pilates sessions without incurring regular session charges. Thank you. There are no make-up sessions for participants registered through cities, unless the class falls on a holiday. At the teachers discretion, clients registered for classes with less than 2 registrants will have the option to take the class solo for an additional $10 paid at time of session, or cancel/reschedule the class free of charge.