Key to Anti-aging = Decrease Your Biological Age

Begin by taking a free biological age assessment. Click here to download and print the Biological Age Assessment.

What is biological age?

Biological age is your age based upon your health analysis. The equation starts with your chronological age and then increases or decreases based upon answers of a health assessment. Click here to download and print the Biological Age Assessment.

It is true, we all have birthdays that increase our chronological age, BUT it does not mean you have to age with…..

  • chronic aches and pains
  • fear of dis-ease
  • lack of energy
  • disrupted sleep
  • depressed or grumpy demeanor
  • aging spots
  • sagging skin
  • excess weight gain or loss
  • poor or loss of memory
  • relying on a cabinet full of medications to just keep you living
  • days scheduled around weekly doctors appointments

BY DESIGN as you age your body and mind are capable of a continued

  • strong immune system
  • sharp mind
  • energy throughout your day
  • a productive life that is of value to your community
  • life of vitality!

This can be accomplished, if you take the opportunity to eliminate and/or correct elements that accelerate aging.

Elements that Accelerate Aging

To begin your anti-aging process, it’s important to know the elements that accelerate aging

NOTICE, none of the elements listed as age accelerators include chronological age!

How to Look and Feel Young as you Age!

There is no magic potion here, the key to anti-aging is not using anti-wrinkle creams, drinking a magic juice, or taking a magic pill, but in reality the key to youth and beauty of the body and mind can be accomplished by decreasing your biological age. The steps below identify actions that you can begin today to decrease your bio-logical age and regain your youth!

#1 Diet

Eat a gut healthy restoring diet – foods and beverages that contain high quality nutrition

A well known Dr. once said “If you die before the age of 85 from anything other than a severe injury, it is the result of bad digestion” –Dr. Bernard Jensen

Anti-aging diet

Lots of Raw veggies
Little potato, brown rice, quinoa
Whole sprouted grains
Organic Fruit
5 veggies raw or lightly steamed
Complex carbs
Super foods
Clean water
Small amount of organic meats
Small amounts of wild fish
Honey (that’s never been heated)
Cultured foods
Low glycemic diet
50 – 80% raw diet
Small amount of organic wine
Agave Sugar, Caffeine
Pasteurized diary
Processed foods
Limit highly cooked foods*
Sugar substitutes
Alkaline water
Small amount of organic meats
Excessive caffeine
Chemical/sugar laden beverages
Unfiltered water
Excessive alcoholic beverages

#2 Move your body!

Our bodies are designed to move, and there are numerous benefits associated with exercise such as: lubricates joints, a natural anti-depressant (the feel good endorphins flow), keeps your lymphatic fluids moving (a major player to your immune system), detoxifies, supports weight loss, excellent for heart health, de-stresses your mind, I could go on. “Yeah, yeah I’ve heard it before” you say, “I just don’t like exercise,” ok, no problem – don’t exercise then.

Many people fear that in order to exercise, you have to hurt (so far from the truth) you want your body to feel good not hurt so instead of exercising, find a couple forms of movement that is enjoyable and feels good to you: walk with friends or music, join a group hike, rebound, dance, tai chi, swim, yoga, and Pilates to name a few.

Try to have one of your exercises be done outside, getting a 2nd benefit of vitamin D from our friend, the sun. Many of these forms of movement (aka exercise) are easy on the joints as well as provide strength training which is important for bone health. Always incorporate 1 – 2 days/week of rest to allow your body to enjoy its well deserved recovery.

#3 De-stress and have quality sleep

Chronic physical, mental, emotional stress and inadequate sleep (quality more then quantity) can very quickly accelerate your aging. Many times all of these chronic stresses can be dramatically reduced/improved with just a change of diet, simple detoxifying programs (such as exercise and hydrating), and applying stress management tools as a part of your lifestyle. Here are some simplistic and very impactful examples of you can de-stress and improve sleep patterns.

Sunlight: minimum 10 minutes of sun/day on exposed skin without sunscreen. Sun gets you vitamin D and directly benefits your pineal gland which helps regulate your body to know when its time to be awake and when its time to be sleeping

A Darkened bedroom: Use curtains that keep your bedroom completely dark while you are sleeping

Nature: Walk in forest, beach, work in the garden and receive a natural euphoric sense of calmness

Laugh: Daily

Breathe: 3 – 7x/week practice a deep breathing exercise. Put your mind to your breathe and relieve it from all other thoughts. Take a slow deep breathe through your nose for 3 counts feeling it reach all the way down to your toes and up into the head, hold for 3 counts and then release the breathe through your mouth. Repeat 10 – 20 times

Caffeine: ideally eliminate or have no more then 4oz per day of caffeine before 10 am (it takes 6 hours for caffeine to drain from the body) and for every 4 oz of caffeine one drinks it takes 32 oz. of water to make up for its dehydration effect on the body. If at all possible stay off caffeine completely.

Drugs and Alcohol: while both may bring on temporary relief they never clear the driving reason for your stress/poor sleep in addition both add toxins to the body creating more potential health issues which will increase your stress.

Synthetic Electric Magnetic Frequency exposure: Turn off (or better yet remove) all electronic devices from your bedroom (tv, tablet, lap top, electrical clock, cell phone etc). Being chronically exposed to synthetic electrical magnetic fields is like having someone tap on your shoulder 24/7 (it STRESSES out you, your brain, and especially the adrenal glands).

Earthing/Grounding: Soak up some of Earth’s electrons by going barefoot on grass, sand, dirt or in a natural pool of water for a bare minimum of 10 minutes. Earth’s natural energy is the most optimal means of restoring the body’s natural electrical state of physiology necessary for normal biological function.

#4 Emotional management techniques for positive mental attitude

Emotions and attitude can be a passport or a roadblock when it comes to health and will either accelerate or slow down aging. Our emotions, formation of memory, and behavior patterns are formed within our brain (structure called the Limbic system) which also supports adrenaline flow and motivation. What and how we experience life beginning from birth, gets stored in the brain both consciously (20%) and the majority (80%) in the subconscious.

With just a few steps (don’t be doubtful by its simplicity) that you can practice at the comfort of your home, you can begin to transform your emotional response and positive energy.

a. Being thankful: Coming to awareness that we are not in control (of most things) along with the carrying out thankfulness throughout our day (believe it or not, this will require practice)

b. Sunlight: Get a minimum of 10 – 20 minutes sunlight daily. The sun has an effect on secretion of serotonin, a neurotransmitter in the body that contributes to mood.

c. Mind Relaxation: Work up to 10 minutes/day of clearing the mind. This exercise temporarily relieves the body of a slew of chemical reactions generated by thinking and therefore provides temporary stress relief.

d. Digestion: The real culprit may not be the brain in your skull but the brain in your gut! Your GI tract does not just consist of enzymes to break down your foods but also contains acids hormones and neurotransmitters that send messages to the brain. Approximately 90% of the body’s serotonin (which is involved in controlling our mood known as the “feel-good” messenger) is located in the GI tract. Three things that will create a deficiency in Serotonin lack of protein, B Vitamins (which come from meat) and chronic stress.

e. Gut Microflora: The impact of your microflora on your brain function has been confirmed by UCLA researchers who, in a proof-of-concept study, found that probiotics (beneficial bacteria) indeed altered the brain function in the participants.

Sometimes it is the deep inside repressed negative emotions, beliefs, and identities that can be sabotaging to one’s overall health and accelerate age. Being we are not consciously aware of the repressed experience, we don’t even realize how its likely be a main origin to both illnesses and aging. As a part of an emotional health analysis and programming with CoeDynamics, you will go beyond your conscious, to discover emotions being held in the subconscious that are negatively impacting your the health and wellness.

Anti-aging Steps Beyond Your Home Practice

Tracy tailors individual client programs with the use of cutting edge testing technique, Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA). QRA is non-invasive and is used to assess what is needed to bring your body and mind back to its natural state of vitality. Programs could consist of any of the following: a nutrient dense toxic free diet, cleansing, emotional health analysis of negatively repressed emotions beliefs identities, exercise, hormone balancing, use of beyond organic excipient free nutra-ceutical products and/or natural facial and skin care products.

To begin your anti-aging program today call 310.798.7600 or click here to request your appointment.

Quantum Reflex Analysis

Based off the development of Dr. Omura, M.D. Bi-Digital O-ring Test (BDORT) which has over 65 Pub Meds published, QRA is a cutting edge kinesiology testing technique that communicates with the neurological system of the body and mind to decipher deficiencies, toxicity, and specific needs of the individual to custom tailor wellness programs for your body’s best innate structure and function.

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