Emotions: A Path to Health


Are your emotions supporting your health or making you sick? Begin with a free emotional assessment.

Connecting with your internal emotional support system is essential to wellness. No matter what we do bio-chemically, if the emotional conscious and/or subconscious are not in tune with the healing process – the healing will either not occur or be temporal.

  • Emotions and attitude can be a passport or a roadblock when it comes to health and will either accelerate or slow down aging.  Our emotions, formation of memory, and behavior patterns are formed within our brain (structure called the Limbic system) which also supports adrenaline flow and motivation. What and how we experience life beginning from birth, gets stored in the brain both consciously (20%) and the majority (80%) in the subconscious.

  • Improving thoughts, beliefs, and emotions dramatically improves health and reduces nutritional supplement load that is needed to bring the function of the body and mind back to balance.

  • There are numerous researches that indentify how our emotions and beliefs develop by being connected to experiences that we hold in the subconscious. It is the deep inside repressed negative emotions, beliefs, and identities that can be sabotaging to one’s overall health and accelerate age.  Being we are not consciously aware of the repressed experience, we don’t even realize how its likely be a main origin to both illnesses and accelerated aging. 

  • What the conscious might forget the subconscious of the body and mind holds onto. When the subconscious memory holds onto emotional, physical, mental trauma or negative mental concepts it affects a person’s ability to heal and/or their ability to stay on a program.

  • Dr. Bob Marshall PhD, CCN and founder of Quantum Nutrition Labs, conducted a study of 182 cancer patients. Over 80% of these patients failed the kinesiology QRA test (Steve can you make QRA a link to a definition on the bottom of this page just like you did for the Hormone page?) when stating the following statements:

    1. “Now I can be healthy”

    2. “Now I can do whatever it takes to be healthy”

Assessing how your mind and body are subconsciously responding, holding onto negative emotional stimuli AND being able to release the emotional bondage are components to long term life of vitality and are an integral part of CoeDynamic's clients health analysis.

What can I expect as a part of my emotional health analysis with CoeDynamics?

During your session for emotional release and rejuvenation you will be instructed through two techniques to liberating and restoring both the mind and body of internalized negative or emotional stressors. The techniques include Emotional Re-polarization (ERT) and Mind-Body-Meridian homeopathic formulas in three simplistic and very effective steps.

First with a certified QRA practitioner, the use of a kinesiology testing technique Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA) you’ll discover negative beliefs, emotions, identities that you are subconsciously resisting and simultaneously blocking your ability to live a life of vitality, health and youth. Examples of significant events that create this emotional burden can include, divorce, accidents, loss of money, abuse, and/or insecurity.

Second affirmations are created to release the resisted emotion belief or identity and bring forth love healing and youthfulness.

Third, the affirmations created during your session are practiced at your daily convenience over a consistent period of 10 – 21 days along with the integration use of mind-body-meridian (MBM)* homeopathic formula(s) and Quantum Coherence Integration (QCI)**.

*MBM are homeopathic formulas that contain botanical ingredients and represents and detoxifies acupuncture meridians, organs, glands and their corresponding resisting emotions.

**QCI is a vial that contains highly polarized earth substances and is used externally to temporarily bring all body meridians into balance.

“The Body Has A Mind Of Its Own: Change your body about your mind.”

– Tom Myers

“Before aligning the mind, body and soul … first one has to straighten their mind out.”

– Stephen Richards

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