Hydration Consultation


  • Water is the basis for all life and is the “the life blood of the earth.”
    A human body of a healthy adult is 70 – 80% water. A few of the vital functions water produces in your body:
    – cushions and lubricates joints to prevent or relieve joint pain
    – provides energy within each cell
    – primary ingredient in all body fluids
    – transport nutrients to different parts of our body
    – transport toxins out of the body
    – carries hormones and disease fighting cells
    – facilitate effective digestion including regular bowel movements
    – regulates body temperature
    – forms a matrix to carry nerve impulses and brain signals throughout the body
    However, just drinking water does not guarantee your cells are hydrated. You must consider the source of your water as well as what else you are drinking on a daily basis that consistently dehydrates your body.
  • 99% of the water drunk in America (including most bottled water and filtration systems) originated from sources where water was unnaturally extracted out of its environment creating stressed, de-natured, dead water. Water has been put through processing, chemicals, fluoridation, added synthetics (that your body cannot process), exposed to heavy metals drug residues, pushed through pipes to get to your faucets or bottles and ends up coming out as void of LIFE, de-energized, chemical filled water.
  • What does this mean? The energy of the water you are drinking does not align with the natural energy of our body and therefore instead of penetrating the cells to provide hydration (aka nourishment, energy, and cleansing to the cells) the water goes straight through the body providing little to no hydration for the cell.
  • What to do? In my journey to answer this question and find water that hydrates and nourishes, I discovered CorePlus Water. CorePlus water starts with a spring water that is purified without destructive properties and is then transformed into highly energized water as it flows through a patented M-Power Aqua Technology which duplicates natures movement of pulsating vortex motion and vibration. The result is water with very small molecules that can penetrate cells, which derives high levels of stored energy and useable oxygen for optimal hydration and cleansing.

Hydration Consultation includes:

  • Conduct a QRA test (to learn more click here) of the water you drink on a daily basis. Testing its connection to your body’s energetic level and assessing its ability or inability to hydrate your body. Assessments and suggestions will be made based on the results.
  • Consultations less then 15 minutes is free. Consultations in excess of 15 minutes will be broken in ½ hour increments based on $85/hr rate

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