Karen’s Pilates journey began with the need for an escape from a stressful office job – taking Pilates classes herself helped her find a mind-body connection through breathing and mindful movement reduce stress levels and find some joy in life again. Within a few years she signed up for a comprehensive teacher training program through Polestar Pilates, and fell in love with teaching and decided to make it her full-time gig!

Karen relates to the everyday stresses that most office-workers endure, and the chronic aches, pains, and overall heaviness that come with it. Knowing how Pilates was able to draw her own light to the surface, she is eager to help others find joy through movement – you’ll leave your sessions feeling invigorated and ready to take on the world!

Karen is a Certified Pilates Practitioner both through Polestar Pilates Pilates Method Alliance. Karen joined the team at CoeDynamics in 2016.

Growing up Karen in a military family Karen lived in several states. She moved to LA and earned a Bachelor’s in Business in 2000 at USC and began a successful career in media strategy. She now lives in Playa del Rey with her husband and their cat.