Below are descriptions of our exciting array of TRX workouts. Click here to sign up online.

Suspension workoutThe TRX Suspension Trainer is the original, best-in-class workout system that leverages gravity and your body weight to deliver an effective and controlled total body workout. Using the TRX to perform squats, planks, chest press, bicep curls, spinal rotation, tricep kickbacks, single leg jumps movements and more increases muscle endurance while allowing for movement in multiple planes with dynamic function and fitness. Incorporating TRX with your Pilates regime will build a rock-solid flexible and stable core and boost metabolism.

A TRX program can be created for any fitness level and is also beneficial during a rehabilitation process, as it can unload from healing tissues and retrain everyday movements into efficient habits for injury prevention. The combination of TRX and Pilates works motion on multiple planes, muscles and joints throughout a workout session. Register online for a TRX workout.

Class Descriptions:  

30 Minute TRX Intro
Free Intro TRX class with a purchase of any class or package*. During this mandatory 30-minute Introductory class, you will learn TRX movements, equipment setup and safety, how to incorporate the use of your Pilates classes with TRX. This process is designed to keep you safe and set you on the path to achieving your goals. Intros are held on Monday evenings and late Sunday mornings.  To see the Intro class list, click here.

*The 30 Minute TRX intro class is given as a free session with any other TRX or Pilates class/package purchase. If no other class or package is purchased, the Intro session is $10 (cash or check).

55 min. TRX Full body Work-out
This effective total body workout TRX exercise class combines the use of gravity, suspended body weight, function and control to build lean muscle, boost metabolism, tighten the core and increase endurance for DYNAMIC FUNCTION and FITNESS. Your BMCD TRX/Pilates Teacher will help challenge you and help you develop control awareness, as you can simply adjust your body position to add or decrease resistance. May include mat work.

Half & Half Pilates Reformer & TRX
Can’t decide whether to take TRX or Reformer classes? We won’t make you! Join this class and you’ll spend 25 minutes on the reformer warming up and strengthening core, and working on body alignment and all its connections in between. This work is then further challenged with some dynamic movements with TRX. The remaining few minutes will be left to cool down that heart rate and stretch some muscles while they are warmed up. This workout results in serious muscle strengthening, balance, expanded range of motion and calorie burning. All class levels.

Half & Half Pilates Jump Board & TRX
Want to keep a good heart rate going with dynamics movement? You can have both! Spend 25 minutes of TRX followed by 25 minutes of Pilates Jump board, with a few extra few minutes to cool down that heart rate and stretch some muscles while they are warmed up. All of this results in some serious calorie burn. This class is designed for participants that have taken at least 3 TRX sessions & 3 Jump Board sessions.

Pilates TRX Circuit Class
This full body circuit work-out, combines the use of TRX, Pilates and Jump Board, effectively and safely raising your heart rate while strengthening postural and dynamics muscle function. The combination work of this class has the effects of build lean muscle, boost metabolism, tighten the core and increase endurance. Your class, guided by CoeDynamics TRX/Pilates Teacher, will help you challenge your exercise at the same time bring about control and awareness.”