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whole health and nutrition programs expert Tracy Coe

As the South Bay’s premier Pilates and Wellness center, CoeDynamics helps clients transform their overall health through Pilates instruction, wellness education programs and individual wellness consultations.

The restorative and healing powers of proper nutrition are vast and varied—by using our wellness services to change your lifestyle, you can bring your health back into balance and experience improved strength, energy and vitality. You will look and feel incredible.

Tracy Coe, Wellness and Quantum Nutrition Practitioner, tailors individual wellness programs with the use of a cutting edge testing technique, Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA), while focusing on a nutrient dense diet and creating superior bioenergetics in your surrounding environments. These approaches are used to assist physical transformation, target specific health issues, and guide clients to live healthier, more vibrant lives.

Tracy’s one-on-one Wellness programs are customized for each client using QRA, a non-invasive means of communicating with the neurological system to determine an individual’s specific needs and deficiencies. This unique testing system lets you know exactly how many and which nutrients your body and how it will best absorb them. This eliminates the guessing game and saves you from spending money on unnecessary products, while enjoying a renewed sense of vitality, a youthful glow, increased flexibility and improved energy.

Tracy’s community wellness programs teach you what health looks and feels like. Through education, you’ll empower yourself and your loved ones as you discover how to properly nourish the body so you can live life to the fullest by eliminating chronic pain, low energy, insomnia, depression, digestive issues, menopausal symptoms, the flu, headaches, skin conditions, and other chronic health issues. Using hands-on consultation, coupled with educational and personally resourced materials, Tracy shares useful daily living practices that can be immediately implemented to support a journey of health and wellness for themselves and the entire family.

Tracy has distinguished herself as a Wellness & Quantum Nutrition Practitioner in the South Bay by guiding others to a life of vitality filled with increased energy, improved flexibility, mental sharpness, peace of mind and restful sleep. Along with being a certified QRA Practitioner, Tracy draws inspiration from a vast knowledge of biochemists, herbalists, quantum physics, practitioners of Chinese Medicine and doctors. What sets Tracy apart is her compassion, listening ability and the individualized support and step-by-step approach she provides every single client. In addition, Tracy works exclusively with non-toxic, cell resonant, beyond organic, nutritional support products that are confirmed with QRA testing.

How do I get started?

Tracy offers the following QRA whole wellness & nutritional appointments:

  • Initial evaluation
  • Program follow-ups
  • Hydration testing
  • Therapeutic and detoxifying mud packs (external)
  • Emotional Repolarization Technique (ERT)
  • Altering Bio-energetic of home and/or office nutritional guidance appointments

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To make an appointment and inquiries, call Tracy at 310.529.5507 or e-mail pilates@coe-dynamics.com

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What is Quantum Nutrition (QN)?

QN is a whole health wellness system developed by Dr. Bob Marshall. QN combines the use of traditional Chinese medicine, Quantum Reflex Analysis,TM and excipient-free once living cellular resonant nutritional complexes and super food concentrates www.prlabs.com. QN wellness system helps to assess where in the body/mind there are stressors, exhaustion, imbalances, depletion/deficiency, toxicity, and system blockages that are root drivers to causing unnatural / unwanted symptoms and then restore and rebuild the body/mind own innate ability to regain and maintain a homeostatic life of vitality, happiness, and passion.

What is Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRATM)?

QRATM is a simple, safe, and effective assessment method that uses a scientifically proven testing modality called the Bi-Digital O-Ring by Dr. Yoshiaki Omura, MD, ScD, http://bdort.org/ . This non-invasive testing system is rapid reliable and accurate in identifying health imbalances, assessing specific nutritional complexes, quantities, and health protocols to support bringing your body and mind back to its natural state of vitality, happiness, and passion.

What makes PRL products unique?

  • Once living raw ingredients,
  • Processing that does not kill the nutritional value
  • Capsulized and packaged to where products will not become rancid
  • 100% free of excipients
  • The combination of whole food nutritional ingredients where the value of the whole is greater then the sum of the individual
  • Nutrition that can penetrate into the cells
  • For more detail and learn more visit http://www.westonaprice.org/health-issues/dietary-supplements .
  • to learn more Click Here.

What are excipients?

Excipients are binders, fillers and “glues” that are typically non-nutritional substances in nutritional products. These substances are often considered toxic to the body. For examples and to learn more click here.